How to be a top artist, singer and actor/actress

How to be a top artist, singer and actor/actress

It is very easy to be an artist, singer or actor/actress. First of all you have to understand how artist acts. They have some policies which they follow. These policies are these.

1. Ever do the role which suits you. If you think comedy is better for your then you should do only comedy. If you doesnt look good while doing comedy but you think I am perfect in comedy then it is very big mistake to be an artist because you are not an artist only for your own. You are an artist for other people. Other people who like to look you on the Television.

2. Never try to overact. It will spoil your work and you will not good look. Some people looks good in overacting but it depends on them.

3. Concentrate in your work while playing role. Sometimes Artist had to play the role which he/she dont like or doesnt suits but he had to play that role. In that case the artist shows his/her talent. This is the very good chance to show once talent. Artists never miss this chance because chance never comes again.

4. There are many other policies which junior, senior and famous artists follow. This is very important part of their life. People like that artist which entertain the people. Suppose if you would be asked which artist do you like? So what would you answer? You would answer one of all and if this question would be asked to another then he would say differ from you. So everybody like different artist because.

5. You can be a good artist only because of your acting/singing. If you are junior artist or not an artist but you have a talent to be an artist then you must will be a artist soon. Keep working never stop working you must succeed.