Hanuman is very dear to King Ram. But Hanuman is a monkey man. Isn't he? Then how he became a monkey man? He has the face of monkey but the body and power and knowledge of a man.

Hanuman is very dear to King Ram. But Hanuman is a monkey man. Isn't he? Then how he became a monkey man? He has the face of monkey but the body and power and knowledge of a man.

In ancient time, when Narad Muni was fed up with his wandering and unsettled life, he decided to be settled. He was punished that he could not stay more at one place and will never be settled in life. Lord Vishnu laughed at this thought of him and tried to fend him but he was just thinking about marriage which was impossible for him. Then Lord Vishnu thought a trick to teach him lesson.

On walking through the street, he saw that the king of that city was looking for a beautiful and powerful person for his daughter. He decided to join it. There he saw standing two servants of Lord Vishnu. He asked them to grant him a face of Lord Vishnu for a while. The two servants laughed and said, ‘granted but only for few hours.’ He was happy and went straight in the marriage hall. Everyone was looking at him with great amazement. He thought that they were jealous with his beauty. He sat down on the chair. He saw two servants were sat on the left side chair. There he saw one simple Brahmin was sat at the right side chair. He thought that this simple Brahmin was good for him because his beauty will enhance and she will surely choose him. Soon the beautiful princess arrived there. She had to choose one from all the kings to marry. She came near Narad Muni. He was happy to see her coming. She came near and chooses a simple Brahmin instead of him. He was surprised to see the choice of beautiful princes. He became sad and went away without greeting them.

He saw two servants at the bank of the river. He asked him why she didn’t choose a beautiful person. Why did she like a Brahmin rather than a beauteous king? Servants laughed and said him to look at his face. he saw his face in the water and was stunned! He had a face of monkey. He looked at them with anger and asked the reason of this nonsense. They said that this was the destiny. Narad Muni was angry and said that they would be monsters in next life. Servants bade sorry and bagged him to take this punishment back. They said that they did all that because of that Brahmin. Narad Muni said, ‘My words can not be taken back. You will surely be monsters but you would be the strongest and would not get a place in hell. You would die by the Lord and find a place in heaven.’ Servants went away and he walked sadly to another village. There he saw that Brahmin going with princess. He boiled with anger and asked him the reason of it. Brahmin didn’t say anything. He became even angrier and said, ‘you fend me to get married and gave me worry because of a lady. You would also find the lack of a lady in next life and the monkey face you granted me is responsible for this so you will be able to find your wife back with the help of monkey faced man.’ Lord Vishnu came in his real appearance and said that he can never get married and he should be aware of it. That was a trick to teach a lesson. The princess became Goddess Lakshmi.

Narad Muni was ashamed to see this and bade sorry and wished that his words might not come true. Lord Vishnu said, ‘you are respected Muni and your words will surely be come true.

Later, the two servants became two brothers of Ravan [Kunbhkaran, Vibhishan] and died by King Ram and got the place in heaven. King Ram was a dawn of Lord Vishnu who faced the trouble because of Sita. And Hanuman {Lord Shiva} helped him to get victory and to get Sita back.