Why sati died and why Lord Shiva married Parwati?

Why sati died and why Lord Shiva married Parwati?

When Lord Shiva Had taken tomb and Goddess Sati understood that her mistake was resulted in this uneven incidence, she prayed for death all the while. After almost ten thousand years, she got a chance to fulfill her desire.

One day as Lord Shiva was engrossed in his worship, Sati asked, ‘I am missing my father very much. Today there is a grand function in his kingdom and I wanted to attend my father’s function. Lord Shiva asked, ‘Did they invite you?

She replied, No! But anyway he is my father. They could have forgotten to inform because of business but it is my duty I think.’ Lord Shiva wasn’t agreeing but said nothing due to her desire. So, she went there and found that the great function was in full swing and there was no lack of anything. She went there and her mother welcomed her warmly but his father wasn’t there to welcome her. She ignored this and went in the hall to apologize for the lack of Lord Shiva but there she saw that there was no chair left for Lord Shiva. She felt furious and looked at her father. He just walked out and her anger becomes even worse. She felt that she was there like anyone who has come to disturb the meeting. She saw the fire vessel (Kund) burning there. She said, ‘I don’t want to be burden at all. I can’t be there where Lord Shiva wasn’t respected. I made a mistake again but this is my last mistake.’ And she jumped in the fire.

Whole meeting was dispersed. Her mother wept out and father too felt guilty. Lord Shiva was engrossed in the worship but he felt a sudden jolt from within himself and found the lack of something. He found that the Sati was dead. He lost his temper and patience and rushed to the place she was burned herself. Her third eye was opened due to rage. Whole universe was afraid. Even the gods was afraid and was escaping. Everyone was rushing inside and the meeting hall was empty.

As he reached there and saw burnt body of Goddess Sati, he cried out and his anger became irresistible. He lifted her body on his shoulder and wandered around the earth in grief. This was a sudden disaster for other Gods so Lord Vishnu was requested to do something to save the universe.

He sent his Chakra (Wheel) and Chakra (Wheel) divided the parts of the Body into so many pieces. It is called that wherever those pieces fall down on the earth, A Holy Place was made. Vaishno devi Temple, Purna giri Temple, Jwala devi Temple are some temples between these holy places.